Loving Akaroa

Dolphins welcomed us here when we arrived on sunday. Yesterday we made a wonderful hike which within 2,5 hrs took us through lots of different landscapes: from rainforest to deserted hot grass area, natural bush to housing on beach and pine trees (and Kiefern, don't know the english word) and back over the hill with beautiful french colonial style housing. All the way we had the most amazing views. Akaroa itself is so charming for being an old french settlement which reflects in the style the old houses were built and how their garden look like with lots of country flowers. As you strive along the housing roads there is this wonderful, fresh flowery smell in the air which I love so much.
Topping all of this once again are the local people. Vicky, who we met in Lyttleton 2 years ago came over the long way from Christchurch to visit us with her son. So lovely to see her again. Not only that but she also has her dad and his wife living here beachfront in Akaroa. They all came to Alita for afternoon sundowner drinks and snacks on board and then we went to their lovely home for dinner. What a lovely and amazing family, we had great fun and were treated to paradise. Can't thank them enough for that wonderful afternoon and evening!
Now I am off for a walk again while Marcus does some work on the boat.

French style housing

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