Ile de Pins

"Grand terre" south - on the way to Ile de Pins

A typical sandbank here

A good old friend: cruise ship Celebrity Solstice. She was in a bay at Ile de Pins today (we sailed by). We have last seen her in Milford Sound (New Zealand) end of January this year. Before that we saw here in the Bay of Islands Jan 4th, 2014. In the right picutre you can see her leaving - she is under the raincloud. 

Another typical island = „Ilot"


Iles de Pins in the south east. Our current anchorage. White sandy bottom, thus not clear water, but very nice for swimming up and down. Definitely no sharks!

Yep, that's Alita in the background. That's where we are now. Alone. No other sailor with us. We played badminton and frisbee on the beach in the afternoon. 



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