A wedding and a funeral

This yacht club here in Napier is special and a complete contrast program to the one in Dunedin. Whilst in Dunedin there was always action, sailings school, regatta etc. There is not so much action here (well, at least we don't see it so much because the area is ver spread out) but lots of events. A week ago there was an event from the Jazz Club with great live music which actually was Dixi Land. On friday there was a funeral of a lady who put down in her last will that no one should wear black and that they should have a great party, her coffin (Sarg) was purple and reflected her will. So cool. Yesterday they had a wedding here of a young couple. Wedding couple and bridesmades / groom mates were delivered with a sailboat and champagne in their hands. We were always first line, because we're docked right in front of the club house. Everybody sees Alita and we get lots of compliments. 

This evening we're heading out to Tauranga, we expect a 2 day sail. 
I have just uploaded pictures from my scenic volcano flight and from the central plateau area. Just follow the links (click on the blue text):

Here are some as well: 

Moon crater walk near Taupo

Mt. Ruapehu

The tower with a „Glockenspiel" in Stratford - the only Glockenspiel in NZ


Old tunnel on the „Forgotten Highway"

Typical landscape where all the trees have been cut (which is about 98% of the whole continent) in order to make this farmland

Mt. Ruapehu, 2797m high

The red crater

Emerald lakes

Mt. Nguhere to the right, Tongariro to the left

Mt. Nguhuere, around 2200m high

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