Additinal pages on the blog

Dear readers,
you might have noticed that I have added some more pages to the blog. The right side on every page is the same.

HOME is the page you are used to. Here you see the latest blog entries and can click on them to get the details.

TRAVEL FACTS gives an overview of our travel data so you don't have to look through the whole archive so see our tour so far, distances travelled etc. Quite interesting to see, we thought.

WEBSITE leads you directly to our travel website with all the information about the tour, booking, prices etc.

PHOTOGALLERY contains a link to the gallery with most of the pictures used in the  blog and sometimes additional ones. This is for your reference so you can see all the picutres without having to click your way through all the posts.

GUESTBOOK invites you to write to us without a reference to a special poost entry. Just to say "hello" or give any other comment.

We hope you enjoy the additional pages.

1 Kommentar:

  1. everything looks great...super pictures, etc.
    That tuna dinner does look good!!
    keep having a marvelous time!!